Tips for Removing Stains from Your Asphalt

Parking Lot Striping

The asphalt that you have for your driveway or for your parking lot will say a lot about your property. If the asphalt is in poor shape and if it is covered in stains, it can make visitors believe that you do not care much about keeping things in good shape. They might assume the same of your home or your business, and that does not provide a good impression at all. Therefore, you want to make sure that you do whatever you can to keep your asphalt as clean as possible.

Many different types of stains can show up on your asphalt paving Huntington Beach, and the most common tend to be due to fluids that leak from cars. Your asphalt could even develop stains from much that is left on the surface for a long period. Regardless of what it is that is causing the stains, they are unsightly. You will want to do something about them to keep your asphalt looking great. In addition, when you have chemicals and oil on the asphalt, it could cause the surface to start degrading sooner than it should.

When There Is a Fresh Oil Spill

Oil is one of the most common types of spills to occur on driveways. When this happens, you will want to first try to absorb as much of the oil as possible. Using sawdust or cat litter that does not clump can be a good option, as they can help to soak up the oil. Leave it on the surface overnight and then remove the material. At that point, you can attempt to remove the stain like you would others.

Removing Stains

You will want to start with basic cleaning of the surface. Sweep away debris and surface layer dirt and grime, and then use a hose to remove any additional debris that can come loose. If you are going to be pressure washing the asphalt, be careful, as it can cause damage if the pressure is too high.

Once you have the basic cleaning done, you can then add soap, such as dishwashing liquid, to help remove the stain. You could also use an over the counter professional asphalt cleaner. Use a brush with stiff bristles to scrub the stain. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a professional cleaner.

This can help to remove the stain, but it might take several sessions of cleaning to do so. In the case of some serious stains, you might not be able to remove it entirely. In those cases, you might consider resurfacing the asphalt or using seal coating Orange County, which can help to cover up the problem. If these are your choices, should speak with a professional for asphalt paving in Orange County who can provide the services for you.

Having a great-looking driveway or parking lot can make a big difference in how you view the space and how others view it. It is easier to clean the stains if you take care of them sooner rather than later.

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