Seal coating and maintaining your asphalt is critical in protecting your investment. Seal coating creates a protective surface layer that slows down the normal wear and tear caused by traffic, weather conditions, and the aging process.

Why Seal Coat

  • Extends the life of any asphalt surface.
  • Provides protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Helps reduce oxidation and shrinkage of asphalt pavement, minimizing crack development.
  • Restores the clean dark appearance of asphalt and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Best of all sealcoating is a fraction of the cost compared to replacing pavement once it’s worn beyond repair.

Signs You Need to Seal Coat

  • Asphalt is fading from black to gray
  • Small Cracks are showing
  • Surface is wearing off revealing the rocks below.

SoCal Paving offers complete seal coating services including crack sealing and striping.

We provide seal coating services 7 days a week to fit your schedules and to help minimize business disruptions.

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