Are You In Need of Asphalt Paving Repair?


Asphalt parking lots and driveways look great and they have the potential to last for a long time when they are maintained and cared for properly. Of course, just like any material that is outside and exposed to the elements, it will eventually wear down over the years – even when you provide excellent care. This is natural, but it is also something that you will want to watch for with your asphalt space.

By keeping an eye on the asphalt, you can more easily notice when there are some areas that will need to have repair. Finding and taking care of those problems early helps to ensure that you can keep your asphalt in good shape for longer, and it can help you to save money. Let’s examine a few of the telltale signs to see if contacting asphalt paving contractors in Orange County is in your future.

Look For Cracking and Crumbling

Naturally, one of the first signs that your asphalt will need to be repaired is when it begins to get cracks. Inspect for any cracks and make note of them regardless of how small they might be. Over time, most cracks are going to get larger and become more problematic. Do not ignore the cracks. They will generally become harder to repair, as well as more expensive, the longer you wait. You should also look around the edges of the asphalt for areas that could be starting to crumble. Not only will they look unsightly, but they can cause trip and fall hazards and other issues.

However, cracks are not the only sign that something is amiss.

Discolored Areas

When you notice discoloration in your asphalt, it can be the sign of a problem. Some of the discolored spots are stains from oil or other chemicals. Other times, the discoloration can come from the sun. With the hot SoCal sun, this is a real possibility here. Regardless of what is causing the discoloration, it should be addressed. Properly cleaning the asphalt surface regularly, and making sure it is seal coated, can help.

Warped Areas and Bulges

If you notice any areas around the lot that are warped or that have bulges or dips, you will want to take care of them. If you don’t, there is a chance that they will start to crack and break away over time, causing tripping hazards and an unpleasant driving experience. In most cases, this will require professional paving contractors in Orange County to come out and level the surface properly.

Get the Professionals to Help You

You might be tempted to try to take care of your asphalt paving repair on your own, but that tends to be a bad idea, especially if you have a large surface that will need repairs. Contact paving contractors in Orange County, and make sure they have experience with working with the type of surface you need to have repaired. Repairing earlier, and properly maintaining the concrete, will help to increase the overall lifespan.

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